Why tell you, when I can show you

Share your professional story using social media.

According to Dillons-Chalk, social media has revolutionized recruiting by providing cheaper and faster ways to find better recruits.  She asks “is the future of hiring only from referrals?” Is it?  And if that is so, how do you make those connections that lead to the referrals?

Create a professional social media eco-system.  In MKT432 – Information Network Marketing, we talked about creating an eco-system for your brand using social media. When creating your professional brand, I think you have to take a similar approach.

Your (professional) story. Create a snapshot that a future employer might see if they googled you.  Form a connection with the industries/companies/people that interest you professionally.  Create your LinkedIn page, connect and follow current and former coworkers, and companies you like on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.  Sometimes friends and follows are privy to insider information, and job tips. Subscribe to industry blogs, and comment on them. Show you are interested and start to establish yourself as an authority. Create a website or an online portfolio for yourself.

As you build your online presence, ponder these  5 questions from  the 99%.

Link it up.  Connect your eco-system.   Be searchable, and give people someone interesting to find.  Ask for recommendations on LinkedIn, and link out to your Facebook, Twitter, blog, website, resume, or portfolio.

Create a blog or website. Add links to your resume, and to other professional/industry blogs and websites.  And don’t forget the apps!  Google+, FB “like” buttons, Twitter feeds, these will increase your searchability.

No matter how someone finds you, you should be telling them something about you and giving them the opportunity to learn more.

Concerned about mixing personal/professional lives?  Create a professional Twitter account and add a professional List to your Facebook page.

Here are a few other resources I’ve used:

visualize me: Resume meets infographic.  Read more about the infographic resume trend on my classmate’s recent post.

weebly: Super simple website creation.  I did one in about an hour and added it to my LinkedIn page.

Google Reader.  All the blogs I follow in one place.  Again – super simple.

Just a few tips I gathered from one MBA class and a little reading.  What tips do you have for me?







3 thoughts on “Why tell you, when I can show you

  1. I really enjoyed your post! I think that it was cool the way you incorporated your own thoughts into the lists provided by the writers of the other articles. I also liked that you asked for the opinions of others so that your blog can become a more interactive space.

  2. A really great post, and really helpful! “Eco-system” is an interesting concept. Is that the same thing that Nardi & O’Day are talking about, or different? And I think the story is a powerful angle, too: Not just details about yourself, facts, but … What is your story about yourself? What tale do you have to tell? A different way to think about constructing the personal profile. I think the story is also key to the elevator speech, a genre we’ll be talking about next week.

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