Protecting your professional identity online

How do I make sure people don’t find THIS Kramer…

…if I want them to find THIS Kramer?
In my post last week, I discussed the importance of creating your professional story. You can’t tell your story if people can’t find you…the real you, that is.
Miriam Salpeter, author/speaker/social media consultant, wrote the article “How to Improve Your Online Identity.”
According to the article, “90 percent of search-firm recruiters regularly Google candidates to help draw a complete picture of that individual—up from 75 percent in 2005.”
So what are you doing to ensure that potential employers find the right you?
First, get in the game by using your social media options. Refer to my recent post for instructions on how to create a professional eco-system.
Then, continously improve your searchability and help potential employers by making searches for you accurate and efficient. Salpeter recommends as both a personal marketing tool and as a way to improve your search engine optimization.
How does it work?
Step1: Create an account. Fill out a profile with your name, photo, job title, and links to your social media sites.
Step 2: Vizibility returns a search of the most popular sites that include your name. You get to choose which of those search results are displayed.
Step 3: Vizibilty creates you a link to your vizilibity site, a QR code, and a “Search Me” widget/app you can add to a personal website or resume.
After reading the article, I gave this site a shot.
My two cents:
I like tools like this – they’re free and they increase your searchability.
As I said last week, it’s all about creating a more efficient search and leading potential employers to the right information.
Salpeter further notes that even IF a potential employer does not use the “Search Me” button you’ve provided, and does a direct Google search on you, the chances of finding accurate information are still high. Why? Because by completing the “Search Me” step on, you’re also improving your search engine optimization.
I also noticed in the Comments section of the article, Salpeter stresses the importance of using a consistent name format and tying reputable content to that name.
It’s a little time consuming to edit your “search me” sites. The site recommends editing with keyword tags rather than removing full sites. Depending on the popularity/obscurity of your name, it can take time to find just the sites that refer to you. Also, for the “robust” features like QR stickers, usage reports, and alerts you need to pony up extra cash.
Overall, the article was informative and the website was pretty easy to follow. Since, I’ve got my QR code and my “Search Me” buttons created, it’s time to put them to use!

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