Balancing your Information Diet

Does anyone watch TED talks?

I love these. If you are unfamiliar, TED talks are recorded speeches on a variety of topics – entertainment, design, philosophy, science, music – you name it. The information is presented as a story and delivered by incredible storytellers.

Below is a talk I recently came across that questions the personalization of the Internet.

When we look at websites, buy products, and read news articles our preferences are captured, and search engines like Google use an algorithm to determine what other products and information you might like.

The potential problem there is that Google is then deciding for you what information you should be getting.

This speech asks: Are personalized filters throwing off our information diet?

Watch. Enjoy. Go to the TED website for more.



2 thoughts on “Balancing your Information Diet

  1. Hi Heather- great TED talk. I have always been a big fan of these and I think that they have great values from venture leaders in the industry. Personalization of ads has been a relief and battle for most. Facebook, in fact, announced recently that their ads were going to start showing up in our mobile apps. These apps on the mobile and website are all based on the terms and content we have posted or talked about with friends via an algorithm (which I assume is similar to Google’s). It amazes me how information finds us, before we find it! I don’t think this personalization will go away anytime soon, but I hope it become less intrusive 🙂

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