Spring Break with Michael Wesch

Even though our class is on Spring Break, I still managed to get an unscheduled lesson in. Very happy coincidence!

This week, I am at a conference in San Antonio. As luck would have it, our keynote speaker on Wednesday was none other than Cultural Anthropologist, Michael Wesch.

If you are unfamiliar, Wesch studies/teaches digital ethnography – the way digital technologies influence culture.

His presentation was extremely engaging and powerful addressing questions like:

How does media change culture?

How are cultures “seduced” by media/technology?

How are we moving from being knowledgable to being knowledge-able?

What is Digital Citizenship?

He’s created some really compelling videos that explain the impact of digital technology on the way we create, share, consume, and interact with information.

In fact, in the midst of my research for our semester project, I stumbled upon yet another of his videos.

Web 2.0 … The Machine is Using Us

And, here is his TED talk which is pretty close to what he presented to our group.

Timely presentation that definitely provided some additional inspiration for the semester research project.


3 thoughts on “Spring Break with Michael Wesch

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    • Yes – it’s a great video. Wesch touched on its relevancy briefly during his speech. Coincidentally, I used to show that video as part of a presentation!

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