Crowdsourcing: Using my topic as a research vehicle

In order to elicit some additional feedback for my research project, I decided to put my very research topic – crowdsourcing – into practice.

I posted a question related to my research topic on crowdsourcing to Quora. I then tagged my question with related keywords like “crowdsourcing,” “crowd funding, ” and “non-profit.”

What is the value in this strategy?

While not a professional journal or peer related article, Quora is monitored by industry experts (as well as regular Joes) who want to increase their own credibility and their searchability (Quora activity improves one’s Klout score.) While the credibility of the answers really depends on who is responding, in my experience I’ve gotten more intelligent answers through Quora than not. For the purposes of this project, I am using it primary research to get opinions and leads for my project.

Within just hours of posting my question, I received an answer post from Will DeKrey, a self described “Social Good Accelerator.” He answered my question then “promoted” to his followers.

In a sense, Quora is an example of produsage since responses to questions can continually be added. Quora is also an example of crowd wisdom as questions are answered by a wide pool of individuals with a variety of experience.

What do you think? How credible is Quora? Is this a valid resource for primary research?

Research Tip:  Don’t forget to set up your Google Alerts!  This feature allows you to have google email you with articles related to keywords.


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