Experiental fundraising: creating an emotional connection to a cause

In researching my semester project, I was fortunate enough to speak with Todd Levy, a Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Global Cloud whose online fundraising software – Donor Drive – provides non-profit organizations with the technology and donor data they need to create successful fundraising campaigns.

Todd explained to me that when it comes to online fundraising, he sees a lot of success driven by experiential fundraising campaigns.  These types of programs integrate an event – usually physical, though virtual events could be on the horizon – with fundraising.

One of the nonprofits who partners with Donor Drive is the Children’s Miracle Network.

Children’s Miracle Network Dance Marathon

“This generation more than any other generation needs to feel impact. They need to feel an emotional touchstone to what they’re doing.” – Zac Johnson, head of Youth Marketing at Children’s Miracle Network (Global Cloud Donor Drive, 2012)

Global Cloud Donor Drive partners with the Children’s Miracle Network to provide online fundraising software and social media integration.  Children’s Miracle Network drives online donations with live events like Dance Marathons to engage fundraisers an fulfill that emotional need to participate.

Children’s Miracle Network Dance Marathons are held on 150 college campuses across the country and raise $10 million annually and over $50 million to date for 175 children’s hospitals with 100% of the donations staying local.  Over the past three years, the Dance Marathon program has grown 80%.

Dance Marathon Conference 2011 from CMN Hospitals on Vimeo.

Why it works

The Dance Marathon event provides student fundraisers with a sense of community and shared purpose.  The partnership with Donor Drive, an online fundraising software provider complements the event by providing social media integration that helps to drive enthusiasm for the cause as well as donations with an easy and user friendly interface and customer service support.


Global Cloud Donor Drive. (2012, March 30). Engaging Millennial Participants. Retrieved April 10, 2012, from http://blog.donordrive.com/: http://blog.donordrive.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/engaging-millennials.pdf


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