Thinking Globili

This summer Cincinnati is hosting the World Choir Games.  367 choirs from 48 countries are registered to compete downtown this July.

I imagine for those coming from non-English speaking countries this could feel a little like an episode of The Amazing Race trying to navigate through the language and culture of a foreign country.

In an effort to make Cincinnati more accessible to our guests, city officials are partnering with a company called Globili which provides a communication platform that translates static signs, posters, and even menus into over 50 languages using a cell phone or a smart phone.

“We really want businesses and government and everyone to adopt it and use it, so when people are here everything they pick up–whether it’s an ad, whether it’s a poster, whether it’s a menu, whether it’s directions–they can use their phone to understand what that sign says.”

Sounds like a great idea, though I am curious to know more about the technology they use.  From the image, it appears they use QR codes.  This makes me wonder what kind of data they are able to collect on users.  Which countries are they from?  Which signs translated most frequently and into what languages?

Interesting idea though!  I will have to make my way down to Fountain Square this summer to inspect these first hand!


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