Online giving: Is your $260K donation out there?

In a previous post I mentioned how I use tools like Google Alerts, Google Reader, and Twitter to gather research for my white paper. (This strategy is almost too effective as I get new and interesting information daily which means my paper is continuously changing.)

Blackbaud is an online fundraising software company who provides subscribers and followers with all kinds of reports around online giving. Their report on Internet and Multichannel Fundraising outlines the growing importance of online giving. Why? Online giving helps NPOs attract and retain new donors. Some statistics are illustrated in the infographics below. More first time donors are making contributions online. And, these online donors tend be younger and have a higher median income. Potentially, this means long term contributors willing to give more money – one reported online donation was $260,000.

Interestingly, the article also notes the importance of online giving combined with direct mail as way of retaining donors.


Barry, F. Why Online Donors are Worth More than Offline Donors. Retrieved on April 25 from


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